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I mainly run a 13 or 22ci tank, they are super light, and air where I play is easy to get so refilling is no big deal, I have only ever run out of air a few tines during long games, and with my 13ci. With a Winchester and a 13ci tank an S6 isn't much heavier than a SC Phantom with s stock. Winchesters and tiny tanks are where its at (or any pocket hopper that feeds well)

Going from a 68 to a 50ci isn't going to be a big weight difference. The aluminium 13 and 22 CI tanks are far lighter. If you run a big hopper, try out a pocket hopper and some small tubes, they will fit in most regular harnesses fine. All I run is small pods and hoppers, keep the marker light for fast snap shooting.

I have a Crossfire 45/4500 and like said above, it is a nice size and length and is quite light. I really like crossfire tanks. The 45/4500 is slimmer and longer which I like. Tanks are hard to recommend because there is such a variety of ways people shoulder or don't shoulder or whatever they want to do, that's why there is so many variations of tanks.

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