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Well. it's a sterling... that's all i know

Hey guys, just picked this up in a trade, and the tricked it out with a bunch of stock class parts i had.

All i know is that it is a sterling, and if im correct, there were a few different models of sterlings made. Im just wondering if anyone can tell me from what the picture shows, i can get more detailed pictures if needed. you can unscrew the feed neck and there is a rail-like thing where you can mount either a feed neck or a feed tube. Its also Spyder threaded.

It came with the stock barrel, an unknown brand (defiantly old) carbon fiber barrel (shoots money) and an aero raven barrel. I also have the original parts kit with what i believe to be the velocity adjuster, and lots of orings , screws, parts ect ect ect.

So i was just curious if anyone could tell me exactly what it is, and about what it would be worth with all the parts shown in the picture, and the ones listed.

Thanks guys
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