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I can take a picture of two nelson grip frames if you wish. One in parts and one assembled just so you get an idea of you are looking at. Tomorrow afternoon with be the earliest though. Making the nelson bolt action will be easy just put a longer bolt on the bolt which I think is 10/32? maybe but depending on the it bolt that came with the marker it is non adjustable but Lapco does make adjustable bolts and Bacci does sell parts as well for the nelson. Super_Stanchy also sells polish bolts and fluted hammers if you get them from him but there are several means to get them. As far barrels, many of the early nelsons had a big bore barrel and short barrel if we are talking about the nelspot 007 which is the pistol looking model. Some had a threading on them so you can put longer barrels, I think as I haven't seen one of these models up close. The nelson barrel lacks a detent so you will get roll outs but there are ways to counter act this by boring for freak inserts, nail polish, or maybe a asp detent mod if its possible on nelsons. If you are talking about a nelson unibody then it its a one piece barrel/body that is either 11 or 8 inch barrel, and the barrel is fix on their, once again it is a big bore and lacks a detent but it can be remedied. Internal wise, either order from CCI or Lapco as the grey ghost internals and grip frame are compatible on stock model nelsons.

I am in the middle of my nelson project and parts shopping right now but the end product is looking very hopeful.

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