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12 year hiatus over...
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Returning after an absence... comparing Mag differences

Ok, so I have an original Level 7 Automag - 4 digit serial number. Just picked up a Classic as a backup and noticed a couple differences from my valve... mainly the on/off. Mine is the old cross cut one sided, where the newer one has a round "spool" shaped part with 4 holes through the side more like the RT/ this a design change for the classic valve? Any improvement over the function of the cross cut? The bottom is classic on/off (round) as is the pin. IOW, it's not an RT upgrade.
I had put in a fancy (forget who made it) multi- hole and after AGD rebuilt the valve for me it performed just as good with the cross as the hop up part so it stayed stock from then on.

Also the drilling in the regulator is different - wondering if it's production changes or custom.. My old one has 2 holes from the back to the front (remember the old 8 hole mod?) The new one has 1 hole, but it's larger diameter.

Next question - I get the 4 hole mod in the following picture, the groove in the back would be to further speed the recharge, correct? Any idea if it actually worked and worth doing these days? I would never dream of moding my original valve, but now that I have a spare...
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