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Originally Posted by Ghost334 View Post
I just purchased a used, non working Thumper that sort of spurts air when I cock it (as soon as the mechanism returns "home"). There's a hole in the piece where you adjust the reg that I'm not seeing in any of the pictures. I think this is the problem. It's a V2 as far as I know. I've lubed the hell out of it with vaseline and put Gold Cup in the ASA. If I gas it up and let it sit for a few minutes it will fire once, but that's all.

Also, the bucket changer likes to come loose after a few "shots" is there any fix for this? I'm using LeLands.
If you're using the dust changer then yeah, that's been something that happens, I've been using the gloss changer from my Phantom and haven't had the problem since.

As far as the air spurt, it's probably the "chuff" sound that is normal with this marker.

Can you get a pic of the hole you're talking about? If it is the V2 it'll have the new hammer with the newer, countersunk screw that sits inside the hole to hold the hammer on, if it's a V1, it might have an upgraded one and have the newer screw as well, all the older ones I've seen have all had a standard head screw.

Also, you don't need much lube for it to run, a little vaseline on the piston o-rings is all I do to keep mine running. I put some around the rings on the valve as well, but other than that, everything else I run dry.
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Originally Posted by El Pato Diablo
Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
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[20:54:32] <Walking_Target> Kinda awesome, you walk in and there's the giant black dildo right in front of the register
[20:54:33] <thisissparta> it's AWESOME.
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