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If it was mine? I wouldn't take a penny less than $200.00. This thing is as unmolested as you could get, and most likely played with for one season and put away, a real "Time Capsule" find.

DOT regulations require that the tank be hydrotested every five years. There should be a date on the tank, this will be the date of manufacture. It's hydro expires five years after that date. The date will be stamped near the neck. You could have the tank re-tested, or if you want to shoot this thing as much as I do, buy a new tank and swap out the valves to keep that "vintage" look, or slap a 12 gram into the Fasst Changer.

This thing will need the largest paint you can find, I'd reccomend Nelson Anarchy.

I'm still drooling over this. This is a real gem.
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