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barrels cocker parts BL marq part out head bands!

barrels cocker parts BL marq part out head bands!
so prices are shipped and pped and all are OBO
pm or post it makes no difference to me.
I'm open to trades so lmk what you got must be in my favor!!!!!!!!

1 Dye boomstick 14in 25$
2 infinity barrel 14 in 25$
3 AIM barrel 12 in 25$
4 CP 685 14in new! 25$
5 black RF 99 has internals and comes with pneumatics 40$ body sold have pneumatics and front block still
6 green VF has internals 40$SOLD
7 Karni asa good condition 20$
8 ST lpr LNIB 35$
9 twister ram minimal wear 20$
10 ram idk origen... 10$
11 13ci 3000K tank 40$sold
12 duck bill asa 10$
13 CP tank reg needs burst disk 40$
14 east cost killer grips pink 10$
15 empire grips 10$sold
16 dual trigger frame 15$
17 45 frame with hardware sold
18 hk headband 15$SOLD
19 mushroom head band never used and rare.. 40$ i don't mind keeping...
20 bl marq7 needs board will part but 190$ for has 4c eyes lmk what you need. pending

this link might have more pics of what your looking for
Pictures by austintheapache - Photobucket
pm me with any questions!

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