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Palmers Fan
Bob Long Dark Intimidator: $395 FIRM


-Superman color scheme gloss red and blue Warped Sportz Dark timmy
-Dark body with jewel intact
-Bob Long 2k5 frame with alias trigger guard, jewels intact
-Bob Long frenzy board
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Bob Long bolt
-CP rake trigger
-CP ram cap
-Bob Long Empire grips (hard to find)
-Bob Long twist lock feedneck
-Mini rail
-CP mini on/off ASA
-Dye 2 piece 14" UL barrel (.688 back)
-Great overall condition

Bob Long Abomb Intimidator: $395 FIRM


-Private label atomix abomb intimidator
-Beautiful gloss blue anno with black accents
-Atomix Abomb jewels intact (RARE)
-Evil Detonator reg
-Hybrid hedloc feedneck
-Hybrid adjustable ram cap
-NDZ micro rail
-NDZ micro on/off ASA
-Excellent condition

Bob Long Empire Intimidator: $395 FIRM


-Bob Long private label Empire 1 Intimidator
-Factory gloss black to red fade (all original empire 1 parts)
-Frenzy 127.4 board
-Original Empire 1 milled LPR
-Matching Empire 1 milled frame
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Bob Long twist lock feedneck
-CP direct moun on/off ASA (Pin is always in the engaged position)
-CP 1 piece 14" barrel (.689 bore)
-Excellent condition

Bob Long Rapper: $375 FIRM


-Gloss red BL rapper body with black accents
-Built from leftover BL stock, this gun has seen less than a case of paint! $115 FULL service done.
-Freshly serviced and built from the ground up by a BL factory tech
-Tadao board
-Quick disconnect pillow bolt
-Bob Long 360 reg
-Bob Long 2c eyes
-Bob Long Marq grips (black/red)
-Bob Long direct mount ASA
-S-class trigger
-No breach wear, more evidence of the condition of this marker
-Brand new Bob Long 1 piece 14" barrel

DP Threshold: $350 FIRM


-Only 500 of these markers were ever produced (roughly 25 in each color)
-Milling is so extensive, DP's milling machines would run for 24 hours and only produce 7 bodies (almost 4 hours per body alone)
-7th Element board
-7th Element trigger
-Extremely simply bolt, very few o-rings
-Extremely lightweight (around 2.2lbs with everything)
-DP RAPS on/off ASA
-Dangerous power clamping feedneck
-Dangerous power 2 piece 14" barrel
-All original threshold parts (milling-wise)
-Original box and manual
-Blank factory warranty card (fill it out and its like you bought it new for $550)
-Excellent condition

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