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Proto PMR11: $235 FIRM


-Composite Ultralite frame
-Hyper 3 reg
-Proto dovetail ASA
-Jewels intact
-Steel braided hose
-Blank warranty card
-Small rebuild kit
-Original case/manual
-Excellent condition

Proto PM5: $165 FIRM


-Factory dust blue Proto PM5
-Hyper 2 reg (some nicks, all pictured, purely cosmetic and does not affect performance)
-CCM midrise feedneck
-CP rake trigger
-CP rail
-CP mini on/off ASA
-Proto 1 piece 12" matching barrel
-All proto jewels intact
-Small parts kit (o-rings, springs/screws etc)
-Original stock feedneck included
-Tube of Dye Slick lube included
-Original box included (hard to find for a pm5)
-Great overall condition

1998 LED Angel: $135 FIRM


-Gloss black Pre-2k Angel LED
-Extremely strong battery, board held a charge for over a year for the previous owner
-"Heat" Board, Full auto
-Shocktech adjustable trigger guard
-Kapp Volumizer
-Twist lock feedneck
-WDP reg
-Double finger trigger
-Infinity 1 piece barrel
-Shocktech rail
-Shocktech ASA
-Car charger included and working great
-Dye Sticky grip
-Very little wear considering its almost 15 years old
-Originally retailed for $1,385 new (hard to remember isn't it?)
-Great overall condition for its age

ICD Bushmaster X-Mill: $95 FIRM


-PL Vapor X-mill bushmaster
-Vapor jewel intact
-Planet Eclipse reg
-Empire Nano feedneck
-32 Degrees drop forward
-32 Degress on/off ASA
-Stainless Steel (SS) 1 piece 14" barrel
-Stock barrel
-Excellent condition for its age

Need something? I do all of the following, JUST PM ME!:

1). Electronic guns

2). Hopper Sales

3). Reg & ASA Sales

4). Barrel Sales

5). Shocker Part Outs

6). Autococker Part Outs

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