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Brass and Wood Fan
PRICE DROP Minty Fresh Tippy Pro-Carb

I picked this up from my local shop a while back and never got around to using it. It was just too clean to think about bringing out on the field... I have now found another restoration project that I need the funds for so it's up on the block...

It was labeled as used, but the only signs of any wear are a slight bit of wear around the cocking slot and a small amount of discoloration on the screw heads. I came to find out that this is actually "new old stock", and the wear was from when it was new on the wall and customers trying it out. It has never fired a ball or been to the field. Once the line was discontinued, this was put back on a shelf and forgotten about. Hell, the sight hasn't even been moved from it's original factory spot.

It did not come with the stock barrel, but i could include one it you wanted it. It does have a J&J barrel (unmarked bore) but no sling or lower sling point. It functions properly and has no leaks (without me even having to change any o-rings). The store owner removed the sling because it was getting hung up on the wall mounts and he changed the barrel out when J&J came out with their upgrade barrel for it as a selling point for both the marker and the barrel. When it was put out back on the shelf the original parts and packaging were not put with it. When the store had a clearance sale, the marker was "discovered" and put out for sale again.

SN: 43732

I'm sorry for the crappy cell pics, my wife took the camera for the week on vacation.

Price: $160/obo $120/OBO (not really sure what one is worth in this condition so I'm sorry if it's high, but it is OBO)
-includes shipping and delivery confirmation

DeadlyWind Fibur AC threaded
13/3 or 4.5k tank
Upgraded Ions (yes, really)
KillJoy T8 Compensator/Trigger/Mag Release Kit
Offer Up!


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