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Ya so considering I received the marker on Thursday, put it back together and shot it a bit on friday, I think I did pretty well considering the footage was taken on Saturday. I had about 2 hours of shoot time with it before taking it into action, so the 4 second load time wasn't too bad considering what the marker is designed to be used for.

I never expect to be able to shoot rounds back-to-back like an ego or even an A5 would be able to do, it's just not that type of marker. Even with my 4 second load times, I never once felt underpowered to the opposition. But i did need to know my range. The best parts of the day was staying juuust out of the range of my opponent, but my first strike rounds were hitting them just fine.

I could tell by the smile on your face you were having fun.

Its not quanity of shots taken that makes it a fun game.

I think you should put a warning on your video.

May be to slow for some players.
And may not be your style of play. Watch with discretion.

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