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Custom spalting

I started a "Has anyone done this before" topic in the Ask the Experts section (Spalting) but thought as this project moves along it would be more suited for this section.

The first blocks of wood (maple) I started by simply soaking, placing in a container with peat moss (to retain moisture) and crumbling chunks of fungi all over them. These have now been sitting for a week. Took a little peak at them on the weekend and nothing noticeable on the wood yet (the process can take upwards of 8 weeks and sometimes never shows on the outside of the wood).

While these are hopefully progressing I am also culturing my own fungi!
I contacted someone at the Faculty of Forestry in Ontario (she is a resident expert on fungi and wood spalting) to get her instructions on doing this.
In short, place a piece of a fungi into a sterilized container of gelatin/malt barely, close the lid and let it grow.
I made up 6 containers, 2 of which have received 1 type of fungi already. after 1 day there is already growth! Sadly, I can't get any good pictures as they must be kept in a dark place with little to no light for at least a week.
These cultures once done work better and quicker then the first method I chose.

Picked up some more maple which will receive the fungi culture hopefully next weekend.
Still need to find 2 more fungi growths to get the other 4 containers going.

All this wood will be turned into 45 panels assuming they work out of course.
To stop the spalting process they will all go through a pressure vessel to impregnate them with a resin.

I will keep this post updated as I check the progress and of course, as soon as pictures are available I will post them up.
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