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Well, I paid the repair bill and I'm clearly out by $700 in my pocket. Looks like a couple of weeks without any food to go with my deer meat. Guess I'll have to stick with the basics for a while but thanks to two true gentlemen who helped alleviate the pain of the repair bill. As my thank you to them, I'm putting their names in the next raffle draw that Erin's Army does at my expense. So thank you two!

Still need to get some bills paid off that I had to put off so I can get the repair bill dealt with and out of the way and now that's done, it's gonna be a tough four weeks to get through penniless. So I hope I can sell some of my stuff just to get some spending money for my breakfast and lunch since I have to skip them and I'm badly in need of an A/C since my house never had one. Try sleeping in a room 28*C at night. It's terrible. If you know someone looking for some goodies I have, let them know I'm willing to give them a fair deal that works for both of us.

I am also looking for a TPX with a remote line setup to go with my Milsig. Doesn't need mags as I can buy the tru-feed ones but it don't hurt for me to take the tru-feed ones if you have them. Don't want the 8 rounders. Please and thank you! Prices remain the same as the value although I'm willing to entertain FAIR deals (low ball will leave you ignored and you'll know it.)

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