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Gargoyle One-for-One Trade

Hi all! I decided to post this here since it's only relevant to other Garg owners.

I'm interested in trading my blue/black sponge anno custom Gargoyle with all its upgrades straight up for a stock(-ish) Gargoyle.

So you will be asking: Why? Well, I'm kind of out of the whole flashy gun phase. Sure, it looks great, but I want something ultra functional that I can beat up on, and it would be a tragedy to beat up on this gun.

It has two small issues. First, the nylon insert in the trigger tends to come loose due to the post-anno tolerance change. It needs a stronger adhesive or some sort of retaining screw, I just haven't had the time to mess with it. It works even when not directly attached, the trigger pull just isn't as smooth. Second, there's some anno wear on the barrel from the pump. It's only the blue, the black is still solid.

Anyways, the full saga of the build is located here, which details pretty much everything: Evolution of a Gargoyle

And the obligatory eye candy:

Like I said, I just want to trade straight up for a fully functional Garg in any cosmetic condition.
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