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At first I said...WTF!!!!oh wait, that's ok....LOL

If you like this gun, if you really really like this gun and had no intentions of selling it......keep it and beat the snot out of it. I love the ano and I understand the concern. If you don't like the flash that's one thing. If you don't like babying it because it's flashy and don't want to damage it...that's another thing.

Honest, again, If you no longer like the flash....for sure sell or trade it.


I love my prized Gizmo Carter Buzzard. Not only is it very flashy but it represents my best friend and his passing. Because of that I play it and play it and play it. Every single dent, scratch and blemish that I give it is of no consequence to me as I know it is my gun. It's my gun and I will play it and not regret any of it. It was made by a dear friend Earon Carter (of course) who new and respected Mathias for his skill and character.

Some don't play their Gizmo Buzzard and that is ok, but I do as should you.'s what Mathias (RTR) would want. As do I.

Again...if you don't want the flash....sell or trade no harm in that.
But if your protecting the gun because it's pretty....don't. (Just my opinion)

Enjoy it !!!!!!!!

The ano is great and cudo's to he who created it.

(And maybe a gloss black original trigger can make it better.....let me know)

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