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Stilgar's WTF Puller Vest review

Whiskey Two Four Puller Vest

Initial impression: Very nice!

I ordered a Multicam WTF puller vest in the all MOLLE configuration, with padded shoulder straps. I received what I ordered and as a bit of a bonus WTF had added PALs that matched the MOLLE loops with the vest its self for a very nice looking chest rig!

Material looks and feels top quality (it is the genuine Multicam stuff!) And it matches my DBD pants perfectly.

The padding on the shoulder straps and the back of the vest is great. Day Two observation: This backing is slightly grippy which stops the vest from moving around too much as well. Added bonus! It gives the vest enough form without being bulky. It was very comfortable to wear all day and I never felt any weight on my shoulders. (I wasn’t really loaded down much though…) I never noticed the vest ride up at all and I never had an issue getting to my tubes. Day Two observation: No change here. Still very comfortable.

One thing I really liked is the shoulder straps have two rows of MOLLE on them as well, which means I can and probably will put my 12g patches there.

I have always liked Chest Rig styled vests. They work for me and my style of play. This one has plenty of real estate for my WTF Capless patches. The straps are all easily adjustable and will probably fit almost any body size.

Update after Pump Pandemonium: The vest performed wonderfully. I was comfortable in it all day, and I never had an issue with it getting in the way or making it difficult to get at tubes or 12gs. This vest just WORKS.

WTF 10rnd patches.

I have two styles of the WTF patches for 10rnd tubes. I have three of the DBD/WTF collaboration patches that take up four MOLLE coulombs and hold six tubes each. And now I have two of the Capped/Cappless Stackable MOLLE patches that hold 9 tubes each (originally supposed to be 10, but that didn’t work with the MOLLE on the front.) I can put either set of patches on the vest and have an empty MOLLE coulomb on either end for my 6x12g patches…or the swab patch…or my DBD/WTF “1-up!” patch (Thanks CJottawa!)

The beauty of this set up is I can put the two Stackable patches on the vest and the three DBD/WTF patches on top of them perfectly so that I can walk onto the field with 36 tubes! I probably wont use that set up unless I am playing a big game like Pumpers Pandemonium… Pump Pande update: So a week before PP I stacked my DBD patches onto the WTF stackable patches...but I noticed that it was difficult to get at the tubes in the WTF patches. I could still get them but it was a bit of a fight. So I left the tubes inserted into the rig for the week in hopes that it would stretch the material enough to make it a bit easier to get the tubes in and out...No real luck. Before the games started on Saturday I took the DBD patches off. I was playing stock class so the 18 tubes I had were still plenty.

I am still hopeful that in time the material will loosen enough to allow me to stack both sets on.

I did notice that my Stackable pouches cover a LOT more of the tube, probably about of the tube which I found made inserting a full tube a bit of a challenge at first. I think that with a bit of time it will get easier as the material stretches a little bit. Day Two observation: I left my tubes in the patches over the week and this did the trick. When I went to fill and insert the tubes it was much much easier this time and yet there was still NO way a tube was going to fall out. I may also have to modify my DBD/WTF patches a tad by removing some of the material from the bottom of the patch to make the tubes behind it more accessible. I tried looking into this but decided not to without taking it to a tailor to have it done professionally. I did discover that I could stack the top patches one row higher so that the tubes ended above the bottom of the tubes on the lower level. The issue here was the patches on the bottom became too tight to easily get the tubes in and out.

I am going to be putting this vest to the test at Pumpers in a few weeks so I will return and update with my findings then.

12 Feb 2013 Update:

After a Full season with the Puller Vest and the SC pouches I wanted to update this thread.

The Puller Vest and pouches are still holding up and still look almost new!! I still find the vest increadibly comfortable and easy to use. I decided to just stick to the two 10 tube SC pouches and I have sold off the WTF/DBD ones. However the new universal modular SC pouches WTF is putting out look awesome and might actually work really well with my Stackable shingles...I may have to look into that in the future.

This vest will get a lot more play time again this year. I will update info and photos as I go.

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