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The laser engraver has finally made it to the house.

After a minor setback, UPS delivered these two boxes...

These things are armored like they were intended to be air dropped... Without parachutes!

Let's start with the smaller box

1" thick layer of foam covered in yellow packing tape

Various objects inside, wrapped in bubble wrap

A manual (Funny part is... I haven't had time to read it, yet.

The repurposed pond pump for cooling the laser tube.

Adaptors for various places, voltages and frequencies.

Software and miscellaneous bits of hardware

Exhaust fan

Exhaust fan ducting. This is the only damaged piece I could find. With a little work I was able to uncrush it. I doubt it will change the effectiveness.

Brass Monkey Customs

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Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock now available!

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