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And now we start with the larger box that contains the actual machine.

Under the outer layer of padding was the box.

Box covered in Chinese characters... Usually when you are adventuring, you avoid opening boxes covered in strange symbols

Inside the box... Guess what.. More padding!

Warning sheets in Engrish

Sheet 1 (I know it is upside down... I think it was written for our friends in Australia

Sheet 2

I am so glad I wasn't a spy... My handlers would never be able to make out my photos

More padding inside the box

962,451 layers of bubble wrap!

The first peek at the actual machine!

A freshly hatched cheap Chinese laser engraver

Inside the machine, with the gantry tied down for shipping

CO2/CO laser tube... The heart of the beast

Looking from the breech toward the muzzle end... Fire lazors!

Completely unboxed. Now to find it a home.

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