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Going beyond that, Dan Colby, who is well known from Air America, and can be directly attributed to the start of HPA in paintball, started GA, and ended up partnering his company with YSN Imports. YSN Imports is known as the leading importers of propane regulators for propane tanks with BBQ's. A bit over a year ago, around March or April of last year if I remember correctly, Dan found out that he was getting shafted by YSN Imports as he was supposed to make, as make X amount of money off of each reg sold. If I am correct in this, he owned the intellectual property of the regs, and in part of selling the property, he was to receive a royalty off of each one. Not sure exactly, but I saw something to this effect. He then figured out how much he was owed, and filed suit against YSN Imports. Immediately, the terminated him from GA, and had him escorted out of the GA building (Little more than a small shop, around the size of a six car garage), and would not let him grab anything on the way out. Here is a quote from him, from Facebook:

"I started this many times over, but the only response that came to mind was 2 words, and it wasn’t Peace Out. This is a highly censored version of what really came to mind, but while in litigation, I took my attorney’s advice. I really wanted to clarify the accounting of events in regards to my “parting of the ways” with Guerrilla Air that was posted by Sruli (alias, Israel Schochet) on PB Nation under the post name of Screaming Eagle. Not quite the hearts and flowers interpretation they’d have you believe. In no way, was this a voluntary action on my part. As a matter of fact, I was served “termination papers” with YSN Imports Inc/Guerrilla Air owner Sam Newman in attendance and was escorted out by 2 police officers. I was denied any access to all of my personal belongings, among which are numerous proprietary documents and prototypes of product from Air America; which are in no way amongst the assets purchased by YSN Imports. Sounds fishy, huh? Since being served with the lawsuit that we filed against them on 03/09/11, there has been a barrage of what can only be construed as direct retaliation. It appears they are not taking the suit too well, you think?
All of you who know me, also know that I would not willingly walk away from what I have built, the sport I love, and the players I have worked so hard to serve all these years, and those of you who really know me, know that this is not the end, or the last you will see of me. The advancement of this industry and my availability to the players has always been my primary concern. Have faith my brothers, that this will all sort itself out in court. While they must feel that they have won this battle, we’ll see who wins the war.
Looking forward to seeing you all at Legends/NPPL Chicago and PSP Chicago."
You can find this exact same quote in several forums, and another little tidbit of info about this situation, from 68Caliber:

About a week ago it was confirmed that Dan Colby, founder and former President of Guerrilla Air, was suing the company for $12,000,000.00 over alleged accounting irregularities that diminished his profit sharing in the company.

Colby was subsequently fired from the firm. The suit is scheduled to begin tomorrow (Tues. April 19).

Today we learned from anonymous sources close to the lawsuit that Colby’s personal belongings, intellectual property and other property relating to his 25+ year career in paintball have been removed from the Guerrilla Air facility by parties unknown.

Our sources report that among the items missing is Colby’s irreplaceable collection of historically important paintball gear, including one-of-a-kind paintball guns, loading systems, prototypes, (including unique items such as the first fiber-wrapped HPA tank ever made for paintball) as well as an enormous collection of personal mementos – including awards presented to Dan at many industry firsts – the first NPPL tournament, the first International Amateur Open, the opening of the first paintball field in Thailand, among others.

Reports also suggest that some of the property was destroyed or discarded – accidentally or otherwise – including personal keepsakes, such as grade school drawings by his son.

The loss of these items is a major blow to paintball’s history. It can only be hoped that whoever removed these items will preserve and maintain them for the future.

68Caliber shies away from speculation, but it is not a far stretch to suppose that the removal has something to do with the impending lawsuit and/or the on-going dispute.

Our sources state emphatically that the property Colby was storing on the site had no connection to Guerrilla Air or its business, but rather represented the personal items that Colby has been collecting for a quarter-century in the business. Mr. Colby is well known for displaying many of these items in his office – wherever he happens to be working.

No doubt the whereabouts and disposition of these items will find its way into the upcoming court case.

68Caliber has also been informed that it will soon be receiving photographs of the incident. We’ll be posting them as soon as they become available.
When I learned about this, just after GA announced it's tech center in Cali opening up, I decided that I wasn't as big of a fan of GA after that. And then to learn what they did to the rest of the GA people, still in Illinois, I became not only that much bigger of a fan of Ninja (Which I have been for a while, they are very impressive), but decided that they were the next Smart Parts, in my own dislike.

Then, just to add further insult, directly from Dan, on PbNation, on 10/17/2011:

Guerrill Air Closed and FIRED Debbie, Mary, and Larry today at the Chicago office. Armed guards and some tool from Cali fired them in the parking lot, and then they were kept out of the building by the armed guards. Then all contents were removed to a remote location quickly. This staff was known for there customer srevice and they were the back bone to Guerrilla Air, this should be intresting to see how they roll now. ....
Guerrilla Air Closed the Chicago office
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