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Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
Oh the ways will be able to take our money now.......
You, sir, are so very correct! Actually, this is a piece I have wanted ever since Alpha cut me some truly awesome parts.

Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
Nice. What brand?
Chinese and Junk come to mind. Nothing American. The units are rebranded by a few other companies, including Artsign and of course the price tag is bumped up also.

Originally Posted by pbalien73 View Post
I love the two we have at school,you will have a blast. I have engraved everything from anodized aluminum to meat and bagels. Also cut clear plexiglas parts and some woodwork.
Laser engraved steak! I like that idea! You can personalize them prior to cooking

Plans involve using plastics and wood to practice on. Eventually, I will be engraving a couple of 98's I have in the parts box.


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