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The coming and going of my AKA dream gun

(This is a "story time" of sorts. If this is in the wrong place or not allowed please feel free to move or delete as you see fit.)

Howdy guys,

As we all know, times are tough right now for a lot of folks and I was sitting here a moment ago, getting ready to put my Excalibur on ebay for some extra money to pay bills. I started to think about how I wanted one all through high school, back when it was only a computer rendering in an ad in the back of APG. I thought about Larry letting me shoot a blind single trigger at the local Pan Am tournament and how blown away I was. I thought about my old Viking, which I traded away years ago. Then a while back I found this Excalibur. Times were good and the price was right so I indulged and went for it.

Most of the fun with my paintball guns has been finding, buying, modifying, experimenting, perfecting, and then selling or trading them...and doing it all over again. Not the Excalibur. I just never felt it needed anything. Unfortunately for me, I bought it just as paintball sort of faded out of my life for a handful reasons. I played with it a couple times, goofed off shooting behind my house a couple times, but that's it. I never really had the chance to become attached to it because of the epic games I had played with it. It got retired to the garage with the rest of my old gear before it got the chance...stored nicely but none the less unused.

That's why I thought selling it would be easy, but it hasn't been. How long it took me to afford and then find one, what it represented to me growing does mean something, it is more than an assembly of machined parts around a circuit board. I didn't like the thought of somebody buying it and it winding up in a bin somewhere, or some well meaning parent buying it for their spoiled kid who wouldn't like it because it isn't a 2012 Electro-whatchamacallit. I have a pump that I built and vowed never to sell, no matter what. It's storied, we have a history together, and I think of it more as a friend than a piece of sporting equipment. That's what I'd like to become of this should be like the used car you get in college and drive to the ends of the earth, not sitting unused in someones (my) garage.

I know this is a huge mess of sentimental mush, but I know that the AKA community is a tight one, and that to some degree or another you will identify with this. So ITT: post a story about your dream gun, or the "Ol' Dependable" in your collection. How long did it take you to afford/find/build it? What game winning move or incredible shot have you made with it that you know couldn't have been done with a different gun?

As an aside, if there's any interest in mine (though there hasn't been thus far) I'll make you a good deal on it if I know it's going to a good home. Y'know, like a big farm where it can run free with all the other AKA guns
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