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Upgrading to X Valve. Need Advice

So, I was going to ask this on the Automag forum, but I was having trouble registering over there. So I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I'm getting ready to upgrade my automag from a Classic Level 7 Valve to an X Valve:

There's the mag I'm running.Y Frame, ULE Body, Ninja Tank, and a 68 Classic Valve. Here's the questions I have:

If I don't have any extra parts for my 'mag, should I just order a new valve instead of buying a used one? I figure I'm going to need all of the spacers and whatnot to fine tune the level 10.

Without an intelliframe, will I still see an increase in BPS? I'm planning on taking a shim out of my ninja reg to increase my PSI into the valve, but I really don't want to install electronics or additional pneumatics.

I'm chopping paint with my 12v revvy. What's a good hopper that will feed about the same speed as an X Valve? There's some nice Halo's floating around on the BST.

I think that's it, any other advice for upgrading?

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