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here are a few vids w/different hoppers all keeping up with the Mag:

First is one w/a evolution:

Automag ULE Retro Valve - YouTube

next is a halo on a fast pneumag:

Pneumag lives! - YouTube

next is a RT classic with a 12V revvy:

AutoMag RT Classic - YouTube

next is a Warp feed w/ a halo:

Automag RT ULE - YouTube

and my favorite a MiniMag w/X-valve and a invert too 9v:

RTing my Minimag - YouTube

hoping that helps out with your decision on hoppers! for your X-Valve it depends on if you can a afford a new valve...if you can do it, but the way most people here treat there Mags you will find alot of used valves that are mint w/all the spare parts included! best advice is to do your research, buy a parts either before or at the same time you buy a used one, and have fun!!!
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