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Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
Haha that's nice. It's cool that you guys have your own laser engraver...hope you don't mind if I ask a nooby question, but do you control the laser yourself or do you give it a design and it does it?
The laser comes with this truly horrible software that translates .BMP, .JPG and a few other formats into the code the laser requires to draw the design. The software is very poorly marked and requires an advanced degree in Engrish and jury rigging to make it work (Luckily I have both )

There are some parts that are completely manual. THe power level is set via an analog knob, which is not marked as to the minimum power level that will produce a beam :/ Mine is now... Thank gawds for Sharpies The software has a power level setting inside of it, but it seems to do nothing

Originally Posted by VooDoo_Coatings View Post
Cerakote can be laser engraved and the finished product looks great. If we coat a marker for a customer that plans on engraving it, we provide a few sample panels for free. That way the engraver can practice on the sample swatches to get the settings just right before starting on the marker.
Is Cerekote a hot or cold application product? (I know, I could just go do the research, but I am feeling lazy and overheated)

We may need to have a further discussion, and maybe get some sample material together, so I can see what needs to be done to make my laser work on your coating

Unfortunately, today starts a new round of the "Job From Hell 2", so no more laser/machine shop fun until next weekend


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