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Help fund my demise.

Been wanting a Bike for awhile. Have my heart set on getting a TL1000R sometime next spring/summer/fall & building it the way I did my friends. Full paint & alot of other things. To give you a idea this was my friends.
Stretched, lowered, computer, paint.
So Im going thru stuff to free up some money.

Prices DO NOT include shipping
Paypal perfered
I will listen to trade offers but will be really really picky. Really want cash.
Reasonable offers are fine, some things Im flexable on others I am not.

First wave:

PTP Micro Emag, Body, Sear, Sear pin, Spacer Plate, Valve (lvl7), $275
Very very clean body only mark is next to the valve inlet. Will not part at this time.

1: Dust Blue MaxFlo, Very clean $30
2: Spyder asa/reg & foregrip $15
3: Adrenilen Foregrip $15
4: Spyder asa/reg $10

5: ASA (straight holes), Stainless line, Asa adapter $20 (orignally was on a spyder to give size idea)
6: Drop forward/asa both standard holes & old "long hole" patterns $15
7: Tippman Angled ASA New $15
8: Lapco drop foward (Hacked) $5
9: Kapp drop/cradle & on/off $20 HOLD

10: Minimag Barrel $15 SOLD
11: Benchmark Automag rail Purple $65
12: Hill Ineffeicent mod for classic valve...It didnt fit my lvl 5 like it should have. Pay shipping on Pos.
13: Benchmark Beavertail New $40 PENDING
14: Purple Autococker Ram. $15 SOLD
15: Pillage Stock, $35

32 degrees Pack, 4+bottle Well used, Clip is slightly week. $15

Ronin Gear Pack, 6+bottle will hold up to 14 pods using elastic expansion loops that are on it. I used it once, I will clean the paint off before I send it. $10
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