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I expected feedback from this so here is the gist.

Vvomp, found a old FS of mine and made an offer on it.
I accepted the offer and then he send me a partial payment through PP in Canadian funds as a gift. This was to show his good faith and intentions I surmise.
I told him to pay me in full in US funds and not as a gift.
A week went by as I was traveling, I then refunded his partial and left a note to pay in full when you can.
The next thing I see from him was a random WTB ad on here.

I reminded him about our transaction on buying my marker, which he contacted me about and had send me money. (which is his basis for a deal)
Which I should have kept just for wasting my time.

So I do have an issue with him and with others that do this and think its OK.

Cash was sent, even though it was send in the wrong funds and wrong amount and as a gift which is sketchy deal all by itself.

So judge for yourself, if you want to deal with a flake, its very frustrating to hear dumb *** excuses just because they are impulsive or its the Internet dude.

But what do I know, I only have 24 years of Paintball behind me.

Vv0mp, by is own admission, thinks nothing of making a deal and even sending part of the money, so I would know he was serious.
I refunded the partial payment and told him
I would wait until he had all the money, since I had to travel anyway.
While waiting for him to pay, he posted another WTB so I asked him about his follow through and closing the deal.
His response is below: Seller beware, he is not responsible about any deals and thinks its completely acceptable to flake out "because it's the Internet"

Originally Posted by vv0mp
I am impulsive with my purchases.
Any deal I've made on here has gone through perfectly, but much like many, I'm not bound to purchasing something just because I say I will.
Once cash is sent, or something is mailed, I follow through.

It's the Internet, dude.
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