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Blasphemer! Sell the greatest paintball marker ever made?!?!

I run my `95 EXC-68 on a Pure Energy HPA tank with zero problems. No modifications necessary and the velocity stays stable all day long. I don't see any reason why a remote line would make a significant difference. But, compared to the old metal CO2 tank, the carbon-wrapped HPA tank on a bottom line is no problem at all.

I'll try to find some pix to upload.

<edit> Here are two. Sorry you can't see the tank better.

I was trying out a Smart Parts All American barrel that day. I usually use an older Armson Pro-Series or Lapco Assault. The SP AA wasn't quite as accurate as the Armson, at least with the field paint we were using that day...

Obviously, Smiley has worked on many more VM's than I'll ever know. I'm sure he can explain the logic behind his recommendation to swap the valve spring. I'm just sharing my experience.
What "setting" do you have the valve on? What is the output PSI of the Tank reg?

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