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Hardline is here!!!!

So I got some high pressure fittings and hardline from McMaster Carr. for those of you who want to know:
McMaster Carr Pn#
5182K817 Type 316 SSTL Yor-Lok Tube fitting, 90 degree elbow
5182K491 Type 316 SSTL Yo-Lok Tube fitting, Adaptor fo 1/8"tube O.D. x 1/8 NPT female Pipe
6100K142 Precision SSTL tubing 1/8" O.D. 28" length (this tubing is rated to 3500 psi, there is higher but I doubt I will have that kind of pressure going through it).
All I have to do is drill and tap a 10-32 hole for the bracket and ,Blahzinga!!!!

Now for the picture show

Should have the last of the milling work completed by tomorrow. I leak tested the fittings and not a peep. The adaptor works like a champ too.
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