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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
Who has done it.....
Im lookin for pics/how to's/etc
Im debating between buyin a new breech (ule/clamping)
or Making a conversion.....

Iíve done the conversion youíre talking about, but itís a HUGE amount of heat to put the body through. You have to weld in a patch where the factory hole is, do the clean up inside and out, then machine a new breach hole and weld on a new feed tube, clean up, etc.

The Minimag or the RT body is the WORST candidate; the longer bodies like to fold up like a bandanna under all the heat. Even using a TIG welder you will encounter a handful of problems that will need to be fixed. Iíve done literally 100ís of the Vert/Warp feed mods and pretty much know what you will experience doing one of these and advise against it.
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