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Sanchez Machine has certainly made items for Carter Machine - at the first Pendleton TPG day I was chatting with Earon and that came up - yes for a time Luis did manufacture not just barrels but even a few other parts for Earon.

Luis has also made barrels for many other companies that then branded and sold them. The information about this is on his site at Home - Sanchez Machine Shop

as to a ran off bit - no idea there

Luis has been specializing in barrels and barrel kits for a long long time - when our team was most active in the OSC series one of our guys (Beasly) rocked SM-1 Orbium kits when they were brand spanking new. Recently - I got one from BigBtheBenji and have been rocking that kit on my bruiser sniper with a smile on my face for awhile now.

As to current projects - no shared projects at the moment that I am aware of but I dont know of any issues either /shrug

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