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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
yes most of us think its waste of cash. but to some to have that many top quality items. its worth it. also look at all stuff he uses to make the meal they are not cheap and wine it self is top shelf. yes it way over priced. but to some it chance to eat and drink some most hard to get hold items or expensive items. also some people would have hard time trying to get all items too since so hard to get hold of them since do not have connection or know place locally to source items fresh for them. we live in life where someone will want to go out and treat them self or someone special once in awhile
But not as a hamburger. I have tried pricey(like $20, nothing too crazy) hamburgers made with fancy ingredients(kobe beef,truffles, etc.), but they aren't as good tasting as your cheap burger made with basic ingredients. For me, grinding up expensive beef ruins what makes it good.

It's like making a solid gold paintball gun. It might be expensive and pretty, but it would be a terrible gun to use. It would be too heavy, the sear is going to wear out quickly, and don't trip because you would destroy it if dropped.

Hamburgers are a common man's food and thus taste best with common man ingredients.
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