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ANS Gator Black paintballs

ANSgear brought Gator Black paintballs back to the market. Fifteen years ago Gator Black balls were an RPS brand with green fill and a black shell. Rumor was, it was black shell Marballizer. Today things are different, Gator Black balls are advertised as a variant of RPS Premium. Let's compare.

Clearly the fills are different. Gator Black fill is thicker but duller green.

Gator Black (GB) shells are thicker than Marballizer shells by a noticeable amount. By the end of an 80 degree day I was bouncing paint off of hollow plywood bunkers at a range of forty feet. I did not witness any bounces off players but I can't imagine the paint would break on a jersey at that point. In the future I will keep the paint in a cooler with my lunch and an icepack.

Most batches of Marballizer require a .683 or smaller bore to prevent roll-outs. The GB rolled through everything larger than a .675 Freak insert. I was very happy I had the foresight to buy that insert (first time I used it.)

That all said, the GB paint flew straight and never broke in gun, even when shot through a Trracer on HPA (which did break a Marballizer causing a huge mess.)

I won't be buying GB again at $60 a case. Locally I can buy Evil, Marballizer or Valken Redemption at that price. Those paints have the brittleness I want and consistently break on the field.
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