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No, I don't think that is the problem. I can cock the hammer using an allen screw, but not the bolt. So after further investigation, I think the problem is this:

The window is just the tiniest bit too short. I switched between my slider and my 86 frame and noticed that when the slider is installed, there is just the tiniest bit of bolt poking out of the window. However, when I put the 86 on, the bolt "channel," if you will, is actually recessed just the smallest amount so that the bolt pin can't fully cock the hammer. I may try to get pictures, but I don't think I can even capture that in the picture, the difference is so minute.

I would like to say that this is not a mistake in jcurt's halfblock work. Since I have CCM halfblock internals inside, I didn't get the hammer milled to jcurt's specs. If I had gotten a normal hammer milled down, I doubt this would be an issue. Just don't want anyone to think his work may be at fault.

I guess the only way to fix it is make the window a little bigger using a file or maybe a dremel with a nice cutting bit. Thoughts?
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