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Gear closet Sell off

Hey guys

Decided that I've got too much stuff to only play a few times a year.

So with that being said, Its time to sell off my collection.

NO i will not part any of my guns out. the accessories I might (stocks, tanks etc)

Auto mag has ans foam bolt in it, and forward grip otherwise stock. Air's up and fires. comes with 12" smart parts progressive, and 14" carbon fiber, as well as t stock. I would like to get 185 or best (i'll throw in a proto primo hopper and feed elbow for 250 if interested)

98 right feed has newer pneumatics, orracle lpr, ans quick fire ram, and ans 3 way, and upgraded bolt, half delrin, half aluminum. fires well and last chrono, was at 295 fps. 175 or best

system X nme has been traded

2003 vert feed is pretty much stock, with a unknown barrel and it has some scrapes and damage to anodizing in feed neck. was my loner gun for years, havent aired it up in two. 90 or best
I do have the rest of the parts to complete the gun, as right now its missing a bolt pin and nut on the cocking rod. both i have, and will put on the gun when i get a chance.

I have more and will post more as I find them.

My feedback Thread

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