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Autococker vs Automag 8-11-12 SC Village

------------- Operation Information after rosters --------------

Saturday, August 11, 2012...9am SCvillage in Corona CA
The 30 spots are taken up!!!!!!.....I had a few extra to give out, and those are taken as well now. We are totally welcoming more people, but it will be standard rates at SC VIllage. IF you are a pump fan, a cocker fan, or an automag fan, this may be the biggest event this summer on the west coast with these players and guns, so come out and hang and see some cool stuff and meet some people who enjoy what you do.
Finalized Scenarios will follow in posts to come....rosters are currently not finalized, only showing participants to the event. "Members" of SC village do not count against the 30 since they have free entry anyways. I have had lots of PMs and will be full soon.

Roster (Team Autococker)
1.) Robert Lane (member)
2.) Kingman 1 (member)
3.) Eduardo Espinosa (paid)
4.) The Mole (paid)
5.) Nicodemus (paid)
6.) Pump for life (paid)
7.) Anaml (paid)
8.) Son of Anaml (paid)
9.) Paintballed back in '88 (paid)
10.) Trustme (paid)
11.) Trustme (son) (paid)
12.) The Mole (Guest) (Paid)
13.) Kingman 2 (member)
14.) Kingman 3 (member)
15.) Nicodemus 2 (paid)
16.) Gillymonster (paid)
17.) practice target (pending)
18.) executioner (paid)
19.) heavy arms (paid)
20.) rschoi75 (paid)
21.) Gillymonster (2) (paid)
22.) Kingman (4) (member)
23.) Kingman (5) (member)
24.) Kingman (6) (member)
25.) Capt Cupcake (pending)
26.) Mad Marty (1) (regular pay)
27.) Mad Marty (2) (regular pay)
28.) Mad Marty (3) (regular pay)

Team Automag
1.) Henchman 1 (Member)
2.) Henchman 2 (Member)
3.) Kingman 7 (mark P.) (paid)
4.) Kingman 8 (member)
5.) Kingman 9 (member)
6.) Kingman 10 (member)
7.) Kingman 11 (member)
8.) Jacob Lane (member)
9.)Kingman 12 (member)
10.) Henchman 3 (paid)
11.) Bigbthebenji (paid)
12.) Ta2maki (paid)
13.) Bacci paintball 1(paid)
14.) Bacci paintball 2 (paid)
15.) sean_chip (paid)
16.) woouulf (paid)
17.) henchman's henchman (paid)
18.) henious (pending)
19.) Bacci Paintball (3) (paid)

Pump Faction:
1.) Stitch (paid)
2.) Festa (Paid)
3.) Team GAT Pump 1 (member)
4.) Team GAT Pump 2 (Member)
5.) slingshot (pending)
6.) Festa 2 (paid)
7.) Team GAT 3
8.) TEAM GAT 4
9.) TEAM GAT 5
Okay everyone, I have spent this final weekend walking the fields and figuring out the spacing for our day. I have presented the operations to SC Village management, and have received the final “Ok”.

Hydrate yourself. Make sure you are taking adequate hydrating liquid 2-3 days prior to the event (water)

Make sure your equipment is working. I know these markers are sometimes finicky, make sure you are dialed in so that you are not spending the morning finding your “sweet spot”. Max FPS at SC Village is 285, in case you are wondering. Air is included if you are paying the $12 and on the list of 30 in my party.
The only thing you will need is paint. For anyone wondering about discounts on paint, please contact me, I have a store that is 2.5 miles away (CC paintball in Norco CA) offering a nice discount to players, the guys there are very knowledgeable as well. Also remember fresh batteries…for the marker and the loader if you use them. SC Village has a pro shop too and their prices are good as well, considering that you are buying on a field.

Download and fill out the SC Village Waiver to save time at registration.

Registration will begin when I collect the waivers and give you your day armband and receipt for air tank fills. You take the air tank fill receipt to the air-fill-station; they will verify your hydration date and tag your tank for the day.

Read all SC Village rules concerning gameplay and behavior . Gun hits will count! Bounces don’t count, but again, we are here for fun, so an awesome pump shot across the field that “didn’t break”, should be called out of respect.

The real attraction here are the markers and the guys who keep them running, so bring your stuff, for show, for trade, or potential sale.

----- Any questions call or text me (Robert Lane "metalmover") 951-486-1382 -----

I will be at SC Village early, and will be parking in the 2nd lot closest to the north east corner of that lot. When you enter SC Village, the first “Grass” parking lot is the airsoft lot. Continue past the grass field and the speedball arenas until you hit the 2nd lot. We will be parking by the covered walkway near the NORTH-EAST corner of the lot. Since Automag and Autococker guys are known for not getting along (Kidding)…we should take the advice of the MCB members and split us up if we can…LOL

Game 1- (Engineering challenge and VIP assassination)
(3 Fields combined: North Vietnam/Iraq/South Vietnam)
Cockers start at the far-west side of fields as respawn point. Automags and pumps start from the far east side of the combined fields as a respawn point (pumps are on Automag side and respawn a little further away from that). The Automags and Autocockers are both on respawn for the initial part of the game, along with the Pumps.
The Pumps have a special mission. There will be a WGP Sniper on the field separated into 5 separate pieces along with a VIP portfolio for assassination. These pieces are to be gathered and assembled. Only the pump team can pick up the pieces to the WGP Sniper and bring them back to their respawn for re-assembly. Mags are allowed to hold ground where items are located, but not allowed to pick up any pump pieces. When the pump team has assembled the Sniper, they are to proceed to taking out the VIP target using the assembled gun. During this time (after the sniper is assembled), cockers are switched to elimination mode, and the VIP is revealed to the cocker team as well. If the VIP is captured, the rest of the cokers are to hunted down, and the VIP is to be executed using the sniper at 50 yards. Respawn for Automags and Pumps is still in effect after the Sniper is assembled…basically an elimination for the Autococker team.
Game 1 Map

Game 2 – (Autocokers Search and Destroy)
(3 Fields combined: Trenches/Boxes/Buses)
Cockers start in the Boxes side of the fields (far south); they will have a hard respawn point for the entire game there. Pumps start in the trenches/castle and will be able to respawn behind the castle at a predetermined spot for the entire game as well. There will be 4 flags leading up from the cocker respawn to the castle. They are the Automag’s respawn points. If a respawn point is under attack, it cannot be used as a respawn, and another flag must be used for that respawn. There will be a 25 second respawn penalty once a player enters respawn point. Automag and Autococker players must have their hand on flag to start respawn count. Once the cockers have taken a flag position, it can be used as a respawn for the cockers and no longer the Automags. Automags cannot recapture their last respawn points. However, pumps can destroy the Autococker’s flag positions by holding them for 60 seconds forcing the cockers on a long walk. The last flag closest to the castle will be in the busses to the left of the castle. Once the Cockers have captured the last flag, Automags players that cannot respawn will be staging behind the castle at the pump player’s respawn point; only then can the Automags enter the game, one last time, on defense/elimination. The game ends with cockers entering the fort and retrieving the Sniper built in the first match.
Game 2 Map

Game 3 (time allowing) – (King of the hill – golden BB)
(1 Field: Bosnia)
This game has 3 spawn points, 3 sides, and 3 teams (Pumps, Automags, and Autocockers). If a team's respawn is under attack, those players cannot respawn. Respawns cannot be captured or destroyed, only held keeping opponents from respawning.
Center of field the assembled assembled sniper is inside of raised bunker.
Goal is to hold raised bunker for 12 minutes using stop watch…times can be added together, so if 1 team has bunker for 3 minutes, then 9 more, they win. If any player is shot by the assembled The assembled Sniper in bunker, you are eliminated for the rest of the game, and cannot respawn. The assembled Sniper stays in bunker no matter what team has bunker's possession.
This sceario allows the 3 teams to trade alliances and help the other one so that one team will not win.

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