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Wagyu makes Kobe seem like Black Angus. It is the unobtanium of beef; and a HELL of a better deal than the Palm's Carl's Jr burger.

I am by no means able to purchase such a thing; but I can see its purpose. I do not agree that such purchases are meant for those that have no respect for money. As a matter of fact, I belive the total opposite. I believe these types of thongs are what drive many to accomplish their goals in an attempt to afford such royalties.

I was recently watching an episode of "Chasing Classic Cars"; and in that episode, Christies was planning on selling an Auto Union race car. The car was expected to become the world's most expensive automobile.
In the show, they interviewed a wealthy gentleman well known for a very large collection on exotic automobiles. When speaking about the Auto Union and its expected price, he said that the person that buys the automobile will not sell the farm to buy the car. That the type of person that buys such cars will continue to live the same quality of life prior to buying the car.
To me, it speaks volumes about those that have such lavish lives. I won't begin to get into how that money was made; but as the saying goes, to the victor go the spoils, and they have earned it. Good for them.

If I had it, I would be eating me $5,000 hamburger while I type this.
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