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Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
Can't wait... Must see/hear. you're right bored, I just wanna see it shooting. That said, wanna explain the transition Mattee? You went from loudeners to something like a suppressor. And it's longer, and bigger I see.
That's what she... oh, nevermind.

Not much of a transition. BOS made me a new brake and I still have the loudener - swappable by a single set screw. The gun is obscenely long now, probably about as long as a regular Phantom with a 11" or 14" barrel (a good portion of which is the dropout) but easily five times as awesome. Weirdly, I absolutely adore the ghost ring on there now (used to hate it).

This is a true suppressor (well, effectiveness TBD). Its a sleeve that mounts over a skeletonized frame and I'll be sandwiching sound deadening in between. See my earlier pics for the inner workings.

In terms of a size comparison, here's the loudener versus the suppressor.

(Sidenote: I love my phone. Aside from playing emulators with a real controller it takes nice pics; that focus blur isn't any Instagram-BS. Just my phone being awesome).
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