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Wooded Gotch-ya Deuce (double barrel)

Hi Everybody!
(hi dr. nick)
So I pulled my stuff out to play recently and I have too much stuffffff. On top of that refs made fun of me saying my mask and gun belong in a museum.

What you see here is an original Gotch-ya Deuce double barrel paintball marker. A bit of history: Before the days of constant air, semis, electros, speed feeds, and every 12 year old on the field calling everybody a 'faggot' there were fools trying to shoot more paintballs faster. So somebody took two nelson mechanisms, put them side-by-side, added a tiered trigger and (viola!) the first double barrel marker donned "The Deuce" came about. This was soon outlawed in tournament play because with the autotrigger a player could have possibly fired UP TO 8 BALLS PER SECOND

As you can see I added wood bits to it to make it look and feel more like a badass side-by-side shotgun. I also made a custom bling nameplate I made for the top of it (a photoshop pic is below from when I designed it). It's a bit more worn which is why I took it off to extend its life and reduce the wear.

I still have all the original parts too!

Lot for sale includes everything you see in the pictures. (Gun, winchester hoppers, 45 grip, trigger shoe, wood, custom wood serial plate, elbows, as well as the original pump handle, strap, grip that are currently among the rest of my collective parts in storage.)

Price: Asking $600
If you have a question Please Ask !
If you have a beef with me/the pics/the price/or anyone else on this thread please be polite and do not berate or beseech me in this thread or in my pm box. My reasoning follows below. I ask that you please read everything before asking a question.

1. Historically. It's on my ebay watch list and one pops up every year. I thought I'd whore another one if they went unnoticed - but they never do. The last two I've seen have gone for $550. Don't believe me? I can email you the screen shots.

2. It's highly sought after. Why? It's the only mass-produced double barrel gun ever and production stopped >20 years ago. The only other double barreled guns are 1G and require a waiting list. A commenter on pbuprising said:

"The one on the left in that pic is a Gotch-Ya Deuce, made in 1989 it was the first mass-produced double-barrelled
pump marker for paintball. They are so rare, I'd have to guess there are less than 100 left in the country that still work,
it took me ten years to get my hands on one. "

3. Inflation. I understand that those hoping it would be anywhere close to the 1989 $450 msrp or less, I'm sorry. The 1989 MSRP adjusted for inflation is north of 800.

7/20 ... With the nameplate:

Please come back to see if I've updated!

Please PM me if you're interested. Or comment below
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