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Vacations, dinning out with the one you love, wine, expensive weddings, cars, paintball guns, hamburgers.

These things are like sins, judging them on merit is as futile as the subject itself.

And what fundamental makes them different? That you keep the car? That guy also mentioned how bad of an idea it is to purchase automobiles for the investment. Watching an episode of Barret Jackson will confirm that, no doubt. At least the burger gets to be enjoyed for what it is.

And in the end, I will agree 100% that the burger is consumed more than likely by someone that made a little cash gambling. If so, good for him! Other than those guys and gals that attempt to make a living as a professional poker player, I'd bet most that come to visit the strip are there for the experience. Anyone that takes a vacation to Vegas hoping to supplement their income playing slots isn't living right.
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