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Gun Stand (Not PVC)

Got an idea a few days ago that...I was tired of holding my damned gun to load the hopper when off the field. I was tired of laying my Viking down on dirty tables, on old clothes, or having to resort to on the ground.

I needed a stand.

I looked online, laughed at the thought of buying one from someone when such a thing could be built easily.

I looked for plans online, and found nothing but plans for PVC rigs that were cumbersome, bulky, and screamed things I didn't want my stand screaming.
I wanted mine to look like I bought it. I wanted mine to be easy to take apart, easy to stow, and the kicker: Work with my Viking whether I am running my remote line or not. Quick! Find a stand that does both! I was also interested in using a different material than what is commonly used. As a learning experience for whenever I get off my gluttonous posterior and make my own computer case. So, I chose Acrylic.

So, I learned me some Sketchup, and made this:

Couple days later I bought some 6mm acrylic off-cuts from the local plastic supply place, and today I made this:

It isn't quite perfect. I found that I had picked up extruded acrylic, which is crap to machine/work with. It melts, gums up, turns into chunks, and makes a mess of itself. I also made an error in a cut and made a slot a little too wide, thus needing to cut another slot at the front of the stand. It isn't actually blue acrylic, it is the protective film that is still on it as I have a few points that I still need to smooth out.

Yes, it is stable. Yes, it is holding up a half-milled 03 Viking, a 88ci tank, and an empty rotor. It resists tipping to the front or rear, and the marker is held firmly in place. The back extensions were initially were to be mask hangers, but turns out it is too short for that.

There is some side-to-side wobble that I may look into fixing with angling my uprights on my next attempt.
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