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Originally Posted by taco View Post
Pretty neat what did you use to cut it?
Tools used so far:
Table Saw
Dremel with sanding bit

Update: While making a video demonstration to see how stable it is with tank, and without, I found two current flaws:

The first is possibly an easy fix, or possibly going to need me to make an extra part. When loading the hopper with the tank off, the marker does get top heavy and wants to rotate. Possible fix: The upright under the front of the marker has a channel sanded into it that isn't wide enough for the marker to fit down into. When I get it ground down to proper fit, it might fix the problem, but it won't be very stable.

Definite fix is to make a new bridge piece to span the front and rear cross members to locate the ASA.

Second flaw was that I made the top cross member too thin. When taking the stand apart, the top cross member snapped where I had cut out material to make the interlock joint. Will need to make a thicker piece tomorrow. Weakness may have been exaggerated by this weaker extruded Acrylic.

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