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what kind of tips are you looking for DSA?
Look at your current tires if they are factory equipment, or look in your cars manual.
Make sure your new tires meet the cars tire speed rating.
don't buy from a chain, try a mom and pop if you can. mom and pops usually have better flexibility on pricing.
I am biased as hell, having been a tire salesman in another life. Give wide wide berth to Goodyear, equally wide berth to BF Goodrich.
Goodyear IMHO uses an inferior rubber compound more prone to dry rot and premature wear.
BF Goodrich tires are sold like Rolexs. They never go on sale and are priced at a premium. Unlike a Rolex, they are no more superior than your average tire, and are also IMHO a softer rubber compound and prone to premature wear.
I worked for Firestone for a number of years before managing a tire business for a short time. I have always liked Bridgestone/Firestone performance tires, Michelin, and Dunlop, with Kelly, Cooper, and Hoosier rounding out my choices. Bridgestone/FS and Michelin I like on equal footing. The Bridgestone Potenzas are very good tires. Dunlop are just slightly less preferred in terms of performance but are often more competitively priced than Bridgestone and Michelin.

Give me a shout if you have any other questions.

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