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Lack of zoom ring access would be a deal breaker for me.

The typical setups I see are:
  • Nothing - These are the folks who either a) really know what they're doing or b) have absolutely no idea what they're doing.
  • Lens filters - Let's get these out of the way. They will not protect against direct hits by paintballs. Some have used them to deal with dirt, rain and splatter, myself included.
  • Kata bags - Best protection, but can have mobility and ventilation issues. Does not fit all camera+lens combos. This is what I use.
  • Modified Op/Tech pouch covers - Keeps the camera clean. Good match for LensCoats and other neoprene covers.
  • Sweatbands - Good for protecting the crevices around control rings.
  • Camera Armor - Hard rubber bits that go around the camera. Since it doesn't keep out liquid paint, and camera bodies are tough enough to take the force of hits, this effectively does nothing.
  • Plastic bags - Includes Zip-Locs, paint bags, Op/Tech rain sleeves. Used by people who have not yet learned paintballs can go straight through these.
  • Cardboard boxes - Won't always stop paintballs, distracting.
  • Plexiglass boxes - Usually see these with video cameras due to the loss of mobility. Appropriate thickness stops paintballs. Insufficient thickness can crack and create a hazard. If Plexi is used in front of the lens, image quality will be severely degraded.
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