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The New CCM Sniper Rifle Thread: The story so far

Compiling the gun info and current information

For reference the original thread : The New CCM Sniper Rifle Thread

Project evolution images:
Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
here is a pic of the AR-15/M16 style of grips. We are going to use the style on the right
Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
This is the style we may end up using. Of course it will have to be modified. There will be two styles one for shells and one that just feeds the FS paintball

The project now looks like this and this is essentially the finished SR-1.
All stocks, handguards, pistol grips, and barrel extensions are after market and not included in the base price of the marker:
Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post

This is the base SR-1 anodized, and the three anodizing options.
Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post

Hard Ano Black

Hard Ano Clear

Dust Hard Ano Black
This is the pricing information as we have it now and it is entirely subject to change.

Base price for a Raw, un-anodized SR-1 is $450 plus shipping and any extras
As my current understanding, 3 shells are included. Extras may be available, I have no known price at this time.

For price plus anodizing you take $450 and add cost below, plus shipping.

As far as I know this was a projected price subject to change. As far as I know there are none available for sale to the general public at this time, as this still in prototype stage. CCM will tell us all when they are up for sale and what the final confirmed pricing format is.
Be patient.

Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
Ok, just got the anodizing break down.

Black hard ano as machined (type3) no charge.

Black dust hard ano as machined (type 3) add $65

Clear as machined (dark od greenish .002 thick) add $100

You can buy it Raw no anodizing. We do recommend hard ano as the bolt handle will wear the bolt channel

as machined = no polishing. The gun will be deburred and surface finish will be scotch brighted.You will see machine marks.

Dust black will hide most small machine marks.

The surface finish was machined to resemble mil-spec guns and does not impede preformance.
But what about the gun?

This is a Bolt Action Cartridge Fed Rifle.
This gun is designed as a First Strike Platform primarily, but will shoot Paintballs.
You will not see any performance gains while shooting .68 caliber paintballs, it will perform in all aspects like a paintball gun.

No it is not mag fed. This model will not be mag fed.
No it is not constant air, but you can remote line it.

It is 12gram powered.
It is regulated.
Both are in the magazine.

It is cartridge fed, meaning a cartridge holds the round you feed into the gun, one at a time.
You have the option to lock the cartridge in the breech and fed in rounds, one at a time.
The cartridge works as a barrel sizer.
The gun is manually operated bolt ejecting.

It comes in either left or right hand models.
It takes all real steel AR-15 furniture.
Free floating furniture works best, but will take 2 piece hand guards, you will need a delta ring and a front gas block as well as a front cover. You will have to provide them.

The barrel is 1" outer diameter.
The barrel with breech is 16" long
The barrel tip is thread to accept 7/8 20 TPi threaded tips. Lapco and Custom Products Combat tactical barrel tips will work with this threading.

The gun includes a top picatinny rail and is tapped every inch along the top behind the cartridge lock in screw.
The threads for the holes on top are 10/32
the top of the receiver is 7.5 inches
The gun weighs 3.5lbs without any furniture or grips.

To build a SR1 you will need:
A commercial spec buffer tube
A commercial spec stock
A castle nut
A pistol grip
a free floating hand guard

Shooting Video from CCM

If I have missed anything please fill in and I will edit the thread.

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