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87 grand for photography school...Art Instution

So I know some people in the past that have attended this school for culinary arts. Today I when there for a interview for the school and see what it is like. Now I'm thinking about going into photography/digital media professionally but i cant justified the 87 grand that the school wants. Yeah is a little rant but looking at school cost of today from 5 years ago I don't see how kids are going to college these days.

My main reason for this post is, will this profession paid itself off? Right now I'm waiting for a company to contact me back for year book/school photos. Plus some local small studios but these are part-time/seasonal jobs.

Other then a Art Degree there is no other school in my area. I'm sorry im not going to dance on a stage for the "performing arts" and take 2 class for photography out of 2-4 years.

My other option is just go balls to the wall and work part and freelance on the side.

I like to know what some ppl think. I need the old wisdom of the thread to help me.
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