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I bought it from Davalos.

I could shrink wrap it and you wouldn't know it wasn't new.
Not a mark on the anodizing at the swing arm latch or the 12gram spring plate.

The box is yellowed, but nothing you can do about that.

Cost played a factor I thought $400 was a bit high, but I sold one new sealed in the box back in 2006 for $250... Have to pay a little appreciation.

Plus it's one of the more rare items in paintball that actually made a huge impact.

The 6Pak came out in the fall of 1989 and everyone used it at the Masters in October of 1989. Constant air was not legal then in tournaments.

By Spring of 1990 constant air was legal. The 6Pak opened that door.

This one will be on display at my store.

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