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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
I must not've come across clear enough.

Military Footwear is in complete opposition to barefoot, minimalist idealogy (which I personally believe), and like you, I do believe it leads to higher rates of Foot (and other injuries). However, I do not know of any research that pertains to the extended carry of heavy loads while using barefoot or minimalist shoes. So, I personally will not say that Barefoot Shoes are the best thing for those carrying heavy loads. However, I do believe that this is probably going to be looked at very soon, if it's not being evaluated already.

I agree that barefoot/minimalist shoes tend to make your ankle, foot, and lower legs stronger. But, does that mean that barefoot/minimalist shoe wearers will never get a a sprained ankle (or worse) unless they trip over something?

Personally, I tend to jog on the field more than sprint. The clearest exception to this is times when I need to move from cover to cover, under fire (where I've made someone duck, and I need to get to another bunker and others are likely to react to my move and start firing. I will share a somewhat funny story of one such time where I managed to sprain an ankle-

I was standing outside of range, behind some thin brush, not drawing attention to myself. I see a large tree (3-4ft trunk diameter) that I can use as a good firing position but, there's next to nothing between me and the tree (abut 30yards away). So, when I felt reasonably sure I would have the drop on the opposition, I sprint to the tree. However, as I'm most of the way there, I start to notice the downward slope and, I'm carrying a pretty hefty loadout (for paintball anyways, my warp fed Ion with a large capacity Rotor, a 68 tank and four full dye pods on my back).

I slam full force into tree, breaking my impact with my arms but I still manage to bounce my chest off it (not with anything close to painful or injury). As I come to a stop, my right foot toes are up against the tree, my left leg comes up and crosses behind my right leg so that my left pinky toe is along the right edge of my right boot (why? I have no idea).

I fall straight back, with my left leg preventing me from bending the right knee. As I fall, the straightened right leg applied a joint lock to my left ankle (because the toes were pinned to the ground outside of my right foot). It hurt like hell, I landed, I tucked up close to the tree (amazingly I didn't get shot during the sprint or the recovery), and I played the rest of the game. I sucked down a couple Alleve, and played the rest of the day). I believe that the boot's (Oakleys) ankle covereage kept the injury to a minimum (doctor said I had a mild sprain).

So, maybe I'm wreckless. But, since 89, I've only managed to get a paintball related injury twice (once on each ankle, the other ankle was after running/jumping over some small rocks, to land on a downed tree branch that rolled out from under me). So, maybe folks like me would still benefit from a minimalist/barefoot shoe with some ankle support?
IMO the issue with heavy loads is the heavy loads, not the footwear. There's no good reason for a guy to be carrying 120+lbs in a rucksack up in the mountains. The cure for that is easy, better and lighter equipment. The hurdle is bureaucracy. Again, BTDT.

Could VFF work? Sure, but IMO for the terrain in Afghan in particular some attention would need to be given to the soles durability. Ironically Vibram has an edge here.

I completely wore out the soles on 2 pair of the panama sole desert boots there while the belleviews we were issued (vibram soles) looked a hundred timed better. I don't know of anyone who wore out a sole on those boots.

As far as injuries with VFF the most common I've heard of was fractured toes from some really active people doing weird things. IIRC one happened while bouldering, another I recall had a line or something wrap around a toe and break it.

So they obviously have some drawbacks, but i'd like to see some proper testing done. Not the typical testing where they pass them out to line dogs without instruction and say "here, try to break this". That won't play out well at all.

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