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Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
I am unsure of what size to go with. I need some help with you experienced VFF wearers. I measured my foot to be just under 11 1/2 inches. This told me that I am a size 45. My friends dad brought home a size 45 for me to try on. They were pretty comfortable, but both my big toes and the longer ones next to them were kind of snug up against the front of the shoes. He doesn't think that there are any 46's in stock so I don't know what size I should go for. Have any of you experienced any blisters or soreness on the tips of your toes from rubbing?
Sounds like you need a 46 or maybe 47. Don't go by the online charts or buy online. If you want them to fit right you need to try them on. From what I've seen they vary a bit between models and sometimes with the same shoe.

Follow the directions as well when putting them on to ensure the best fit.
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