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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Sounds like you need a 46 or maybe 47. Don't go by the online charts or buy online. If you want them to fit right you need to try them on. From what I've seen they vary a bit between models and sometimes with the same shoe.

Follow the directions as well when putting them on to ensure the best fit.
Thanks for the advice.

As far as the whole lack of ankle support debate going on here. I have a little experience/research to chime in here. I am a frequent basketball player. I play very competitively nearly on a daily basis while I am at school. I played all throughout highschool as well. I would have been playing college ball this year if it hadn't been for a partially torn peroneal tendon in my right leg. As a matter of fact, the reason I had a partially torn peroneal tendon is due to the fact that I have sprained both of my ankles 6 or more times. Each have had multiple serious sprains as well where I physically could not walk for weeks(nevermind doctors orders). Frankly, I got sick of spraining my ankles so I started doing a lot of research on how to prevent myself from ankle sprains.

What I learned is this. The most common cause of ankle sprains and other leg injuries is actually due to shoe technology. The amount of padding and shock absorbsion that shoes have these days, especially basketball and running shoes is the main cause of all of these injuries. Those soft flexible heels allow you to roll your ankle more easily. I have experienced this. I actually stopped buying basketball shoes that had too much padding because I tended to role my ankles every single time I played. Believe it or not, the search for shoes with less cushion led me to cheaper basketball shoes. All of those high end nikes that I had been wearing for years had way too much cushioning. I started buying the cheaper models with less cushioning and have not sprained my ankle since. I sprained each ankle 3 times my freshman year of college. Last year, after I made the switch, I have not sprained my ankles at all. This doesn't mean that you don't need ankle support. My right ankle sure still needs it. The reason I developed a torn tendon is due to me spraining my ankle so many times that my peroneal tendon was the only thing keeping me from rolling my ankle on lateral movements. After so much stress, a tear developed.

So what I am trying to get to is that the Vibram Five Fingers have almost no cushioning, thus theoretically, they should diminish lower leg injuries while wearing them. I actually had been concerned myself that the lack of ankle support may be an issue for me, but after trying them on and jumping back and forth explosively, I realized that it would be pretty hard for me to roll my ankle because of the lack of cushion.
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