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Originally Posted by stimpy View Post

I'd love to get an MCB team together for this:

AFPL BEDLAM 10 #2 8-25-12 @Camp P Almost Famous

$45 or less/per person; i believe the FPO is Apex; and yes, there are pumps out at AF events

but! i believe we could have an advantage: Bored could probably outfit enough people with VMs and Vectors to cause those opposing players not immediately deafened by the noise to run for their lives as they'll think armageddon is fast approaching
Aw snap I'm down for that, gotta plan ahead. Dunno If I'll make that for sure but it sounds like tons o fun.

About the pumps there at the afpl events, "No batteries required" seems to be the constant returning pump squad. I'd love to get "Accident Prone" together and rock the competition
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